Chef Rose’s Spice Blends… coming soon!

I am working on bottling and shipping my unique spice blends with no unnecessary additives and no sugar.  Store for spices is coming soon!


Want to try some of my recipes?

I wrote the ‘Meals Made Simple’ meal plan for The 30 Clean that is for sale online now! It is 30 full days of breakfast, lunch and dinner including all recipes and shopping lists. All recipes are easy for the home chef but deliciously tasty with no gluten, diary or sugar. Also, it has a lot of amazing extras like Seasoning Blends 101 and Salad Basics to start making your own awesome recipes.

Whether you are looking for 30 full days of clean eating or just some new recipe inspiration, check it out!!



Want some personalized cooking lessons?

I can come to your house (in the San Diego area) and teach you exactly what you want to learn in your own kitchen!  All classes are highly personalized and can be individual or group lessons.  I can also talk about and do a wine pairing with food to make the get-together even more fun.  Please contact me if you are interested and all pricing is on a case by case basis.